About Trident

Trident Risk Management

Trident Risk Management, LLC is a Houston based engineering and business consulting firm serving the Upstream and Midstream segments of the Oil and Gas Industry.  With a focus on offshore operations in the deep-water Gulf of Mexico,  Trident assists E&P companies, major engineering firms, oil service companies, capital providers and  insurance companies involved in the development of new oil an gas finds, commercial subsea-tiebacks and host facilities.

Industry Segments:  Offshore, Onshore, Upstream & Downstream.

Trident Risk Management, LLC provides value engineering to facilitate knowledge-based quantification of weather-related hazards.  Based on our vulnerability and business interruption models, Trident's specialists perform cost benefit analysis to assist in capital allocation and the development of customized, site-specific mitigation plans to minimize loss of income and other negative business and operational consequences of natural hazards.  We also help clients assure assets are appropriately secured, i.e., safely functioning at acceptable levels of risk.

Trident's risk assessments provide corporate decision makers with information needed to implement risk management strategies.  We are frequently called upon to assist on the modification or revamping of existing coastal installations or ongoing operations.  Our analyses provide a solid basis for development of detailed Business Continuity and emergency response plans..  Hurricanes and other natural hazards have the potential to severely impact offshoreand coastal sites, resulting in significant property damange and potentially, even higher business interruption lossess.

Therefore, knowledge-based risk assessment and development of suitable mitigation measures are vital tools for today's sophisticated risk managers and successful operations officers.  Trident offers qualitative and quantitative analysis services, using stochastic storm models and Monte Carlo simulations to develop probabilistic hazard profiles (of the expected maximum wind/wave/surge/flood conditions) for geven locations based on the inherent characteristiscs of asset classees as describe by uniqe fragility and damage functions.

Trident utiliaes risk related data to quatnitfy the business interruption risk at a single plantd or terminal site, or for netwrokds of offshore asses, resulting from physical damage to assets.  Information generatied from our elevations may include, as approriate, estimated total Loss, Average Annual Loss or Probablye Maxumum Loss, Averave Annual downtime,  and cutrailed prodution throuput.  These resluts enable senionr executives to make decisions proactively to modify or retrofit facilities to reduce potential losses based on detailed cost benefit analyiss.

Examples of risk mitigating actions can include additional insurance coverage, financial derivatives, trading strategies, enhancing specifications and standards, modifications and capital contingencies.